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Rockville Public Library

If you missed the Mobile Market, it will be returning every Monday from 2:30-3:30 pm.  It will continue to be parked behind the library until a more visible spot is located.  Don't miss out on this great service provided by Wabash Valley United Way.


Rockville Public Library

Dr. Susan Rozgony and her dog, Preston visited Rockville Public Library recently to talk about Dr. Rozgony's new book, Lucky Linden: The Ride of My Life.  The book focuses on responsible pet ownership and the importance of providing forever homes for our pets.


L to R:  Front--Joseph Watts, Easton Craycraft, Preston; 2nd row--Dr. Rozgony, Abby Mathis, Nevaeh Marshall, RJ Marshall, Carleigh Craycraft, Caitlyn Meagher; Back--Lillian Meagher.


Rockville Public Library

Recently, at Rockville Public Library, Janett Allen and Diana Ross talked about their trip to the Amazon Basin.  Both of them, and several other local people, went on the trip to provide medical treatment and supplies to people in the Amazon.  The goal of the people that went on the trip is to be able to return to the Amazon in 2018 to provide more medical assistance.


Pictured L to R:  Diana Ross, Janett Allen


Rockville Public Library

The father/daughter team, of Tony Perona and Liz Dombrosky, recently visited Rockville Public Library to promote their new book Murder Under The Covered.  In this book, they are using the Roseville Bridge as a backdrop for accomplishing #39 (Be a Sexy Calendar Girl) when a man is chased out of a neighboring cornfield by an assailant.   


Rockville Public Library:

School Donations

Bill Livers (Southwest Parke), Veronica Hill (Rockville) and Tina Wilson (Turkey Run) stopped by Rockville Public Library to pick up donated school supplies.  The supplies were donated to the library for needy children.  After the supplies arrived at their schools, administrators divided them among needy children.  It is a great reward when a child smiles and says thank you for the supplies!


A big thanks to all that donated!!!

Mark's Ark

Mark Kohlhorst, from Mark's Ark in Auburn, Indiana, brought an alligator, African rabbit, rat snake, corn snake, hedge hog, turtle, sand fish and frogs to Rockville Public Library.  All of the children were able to pet the critters.

Rockville Public Library



Professor Steve definitely kept the attention of attendees at Rockville Public Library!  He taught the importance of focusing and making the correct choices and listening to teachers and coaches.  Of course, there was a lot of science going on while he was talking.  A leaf blower and a roll of toilet paper can be truly hilarious as the paper blows around the room!


Rockville Public Library


Children that attended storytime at Rockville Public Library were told the reason why we celebrate Memorial Day.  Each child was given a flag and all said the Pledge of Alligance.  


L to R: Front row:  Bodie Thornton, Karleigh Craycraft, Ella Lacy, Emma Weise, Easton Craycraft, Grady Hartman, Jasper Hartman, Blaine Thornton, Scarlet Rose.  

L to R: Back row:  Paisley Hartman, Cindy Hein


Rockville Public Library


Spring has sprung at Rockville Public Library.  It was such a beautiful outside on storytime day that kids went outside to enjoy the sunshine.  They listened to stories on the steps and planted blue and gold flowers to celebrate Indiana's Bicentennial.  Also, they learned that butterflies need  flowers to hover around to get their nectar.  A lot of butterflies are becoming scarce due to the shortage of food for them.

Grady Hartman, Jasper Hartman, Bodie Thornton, Emma Weise, Josie Stultz and Ella Lacy on top step.  Cindy Hein, Easton Craycraft and Blaine Thornton on lower step


Indianapolis 500

Donald Davidson, historian for the Indianapolis 500, spoke at Rockville Public Library recently.  Also, he signed and presented his book, Autocourse Official History of the Indianapolis 500, Second Edition-Fully Revised and Updated, to Library Director Cindy Hein.  Davidson's knowledge of the 500 is phenomenal.\


Shakesphear's Birthday Party



Friends of the Rockville Public Library hosted William Shakespeare's birthday party.  Tisha Lohrmann talked about many of his works and the history of his life.  Ted Bonomo, AKA William Shakespeare, explained how he decided to be a writer and his family life.  Jean Ann Craycraft, Linda Burnette and Tisha Lohrmann decorated for the party and provided refreshments. 


Rockville Public Library

Bridgeton Baptist Preschool recently had a field trip to Rockville Public Library.  They listened to Library Director, Cindy Hein, read stories and invite them to the summer program.  Pictured below are:

Front Row: Ms. Hopkins, Nash Devereaux, Kasesyn Fisher, Reid Barker, Jacob Long, Rainey Taylor, Conner Antrim

Back Row: Charlie Montgomery, Kendyll Swineforth, McKinlee Jenkins, Warner Hopkins, Braydon Huff.



Rockville Public Library


Marsha Williamson Mohr, author of Parke County: Indiana's Covered Bridge Capital, recently spoke at Rockville Public Library about her love of Parke County and it's beautiful scenery.  She had copies of her book for sale and autographed for the audience.  Mike Lunsford wrote the forward for this particular book.  In this photo, Greg and Tisha Lohrmann are talking with Mrs. Mohr about the many sites to see in Parke County.  Books are still available for purchase at the library.